I finally finished reading the Big Book of Science Fiction! Phew.

I finally finished reading the Big Book of Science Fiction! Phew.

Thoughts, in no particular order:

I loved the variety and range of authors and styles in the anthology, and I feel like I understand the progression of sci fi through history and the depth of the genre.

I didn’t like most of the stories. Keep in mind that most of them are from Hugo, Nebula, Galaxy-award winning writers or are finalists for those categories and other domestic and international prizes. The ones I did like, I loved. Conversely I found stories and styles that I ordinarily would not read and found that I enjoyed them. I will definitely try to find more of the authors’ works.

I also discovered what I did and did not like in science fiction. I tended to like soft sci-fi with little dialog and lots of description, little explanation for the scientific concepts in the story (explaining in general, was a turn-off), and an emphasis on character rather than world. And there were lots of good ideas, but I hated the way they were told. For example, Paranamanco. I loved the idea of “animal-cities”, but soured on the prose and the dialog. By extension, I now have tons of stories for analysis! I’d like to do a few that I didn’t like (Paranamanco being the first), to discover what is good about them, and not take their award-winning status for granted.

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