Homework for Fun

Homework for Fun

I was talking with a friend one night about the story analysis articles, and I said, “If someone told me I would be doing homework for fun after school, I woulda punched them.”

And she said, “Teach me how to do homework for fun.”

So I thought a bit and put a few points down for a loose guide on how I do it.

  1. Find something you’re interested in
  2. Think real hard about it
  3. Write down what you think– make bullet points or whatever
  4. Look at those thoughts and think about why you thought that, or what made you think that
  5. Write that down.
  6. Look at all those things and argue against each point. Write that down
  7. Make arguments against those arguments if you can. Write that down
  8. Look at everything you wrote and put it in an order that makes sense
  9. Write complete sentences.
  10. Your thoughts should be smart and your jokes stupid.


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