Magical Art Camp and Audio Books

Magical Art Camp and Audio Books

I have been time-impoverished since last Friday due to a trifecta of family emergencies, deadlines, and preparing for my contract job as a counselor an interdisciplinary arts camp. I attended for three summers as a creative writing student, and the camp was one of the first places where I knew I had to step up my writing game. Everyone here is amazing. The students I’m in charge of includes a violinist who is going to be in the city orchestra, a muralist who has been commissioning her art since she was fifteen, a film-maker who won second in an international high school film competition, and others. It’s inspiring to be around so many other people who take their work seriously, especially since returning home, I’ve been shouldering heavy shit that made me feel guilty for writing.  

There has been nothing but good news since I got here. For starters, “Without Magic” is getting an audio book! I was talking about the book with a few counselors on the tech crew. I had mentioned collaborating with other students, teachers, and counselors about getting the cover illustrated for the new novel I am working on, and they asked if there was an audio book. They know audio like Kanye knows Kanye and mentioned all the different ways we could do it— did you know the new Apple iPhone headphones have a decent microphone? Another counselor mentioned that she would love to be the reader. I’m so excited that so many people believe in my book and want to help. Hopefully, the audio book will be out by the end of next week.



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